Cardiologist at the Mater Private Hospital First to Welcome Vital Time-Saving Equipment

Published Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 at 10:57 am

Cardiac patients attending the Mater Private Hospital are set to benefit from an all-new paperless reporting system as the hospital becomes the first in Ireland to install and launch the class-leading Fysicon DatalinQ programme. The implementation of this programme provides the Mater Private with an integrated one touch solution for the review and management of pacemakers, ICD’s, loop recorders and remote device follow-ups. Physicians will now spend less time manually entering data and more time providing the highest quality patient care. 

Ireland’s leading Cardiac Centre of Excellence, the Mater Private Hospital, has partnered with the healthcare company Abbot, to pioneer Fysicon DatalinQ. This technology will streamline patient records into one comprehensive database, improving accuracy by removing human error and enabling seamless data exchange between DataLinQ and any Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This will also provide full compatibility with the national registry for devices.

Introduced as part of a wider campaign to transform the Heart and Vascular Centre in the Mater Private Hospital into a paperless testing centre, Chris Nolan, Cardiac Physiologist said, “DataLinQ has improved the flow of our device clinic as it’s streamlined all device information in an easy to view and reliable database. The Cardiac Physiologists are delighted we now have a paperless device clinic.”

The Mater Private Healthcare Group has been providing best in class care to patients for over 35 years. Now with five locations in Ireland and one in the UK, the Mater Private continues to focus on clinical and service excellence. 




Mater Private Fysicon DatalinQ