In the last 12 months almost 993 insured patients waiting for a cardiac procedure in a public hospital were transferred to the Mater Private for their procedure, reducing their length of stay in hospital

The Cardiac Transfer Service represents a critical access point for patients with health insurance admitted to a public hospital needing cardiac intervention. The patient’s insurance plan not only covers their transfer by ambulance to the Mater Private Cath Lab, but also their procedure and transfer back to the public hospital upon recovery.

The Cardiac Transfer Service has been designed with the patient’s and public hospital’s needs in mind and therefore there is no waiting time. Referrals are accepted 24/7, out of hours and at weekends, so that all urgent and non-urgent situations can be catered for. Same day access to the Cath lab is also offered which is especially critical and life-saving for patients needing urgent intervention.

The Mater Private is one of the largest heart centres in Ireland with three state of the art Cath labs that operate seven days a week. In 2016, almost 1000 patients were transferred to the Mater Private from public hospitals across the country for cardiac procedures. More than 10% of these patients had their procedures performed at the weekend.

Contrary to what many patients think, usage of the service does not impact or increase their annual insurance premium following transfer and they can also be followed up after their procedure in the public hospital outpatient clinic if they wish.

Public hospitals also benefit from this service. One of these benefits is that patients won’t be occupying a hospital bed for several days, especially over a weekend, while waiting for transfer to a public hospital Cath lab. Therefore, public hospitals who avail of this Transfer Service are better able to optimally manage their beds by reducing patients’ length of stay.

The Mater Private is a national tertiary referral centre with a team of over twenty cardiologists who perform the entire spectrum of simple, highly complex cardiac procedures and are available on standby 24/7 for urgent cases.