Agreement Reached With All Insurance Providers to Cover Covid-19 Testing

Published Thursday, September 10th, 2020 at 15:38 pm

The Mater Private Healthcare Group have reached agreement with all health insurance providers to cover the cost of COVID-19 screening, testing, and associated fees for inpatient and outpatient cases at our hospitals in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick.

From today, Thursday 10th, September 2020, all costs associated with COVID-19 screening and testing will be fully covered by the patient’s insurer.

Patients holding insurance policies with VHI, Irish Life Health (ILH), laya Healthcare, ESB, Garda Medical Aid (GMA), and Prison Officers Medical Aid Society (POMAS) who may have incurred a COVID-19 surcharge will be fully reimbursed by the hospital in the coming weeks.

We are continually focused on delivering our services with the best interests of our patients and staff in mind.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience on this matter.