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HSE IT system cyber attack - Update for GPs

Published Friday, May 14th, 2021 at 17:40 pm

The current ransomware attack on HSE IT systems has caused disruption to patient referrals sent via Healthlink, as of Friday 14th May.

Our IT systems are currently unaffected by the cyber attack on HSE IT systems, and continue to operate as normal. All appointments, treatment and surgeries are going ahead as planned.

Until further notice, referrals should be sent to one of the following addresses instead of via Healthlink:


Mater Private Network Dublin & Outreach Clinics

You can also send patient referrals by fax to 01 793 4644

Mater Private Network Cork

You can also send patient referrals by fax to 021 601 3350

Mater Private Network Limerick

You can send patient referrals to limerickradiotherapy@materprivate.ie


For guidance on referral pathways please call our GP Clinical Helpline on 1800 11 11 22 (Dublin) - 1800 11 11 23 (Cork).