A heart-friendly Valentine’s Day menu

Food is widely understood to be, if not ‘the’ language of love, then certainly one of them.

From your first restaurant date, to cooking someone’s favourite meal for them, food is often how we express love for our romantic partners, families, and other loved ones. It’s sometimes said that we ask the people we love ‘are you hungry?’ when we really mean ‘I love you’. And as the language of love, food is the language of the heart. For Valentine’s Day this year, why not make it heart-friendly (in both senses of the word), and choose foods that care for you too.  

We have put together a healthy heart menu that you can easily prepare for your loved ones tonight.

(Recipes courtesy of the Irish Heart Foundation)

Starter - Spice it up

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare with Horse Radish

Main course - Pockets of love

Grilled Lamb Pittas

Dessert - Sweet for the sweet
Passion Fruit Zabaglione