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Visiting Guidelines

Visitors play an important part in the healing process.

The health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff remains a top priority at Mater Private Network. In line with the latest COVID-19 guidelines we have revised our visiting policy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For Patients and Visitors

  • All visitors must be screened by the Screening Team at the entrance of the hospital every time they come to visit.
  • The ward Clinical Nurse Manager/s must be informed in advance if visitors are expected.
  • If the patient’s length of stay is less than 5 days, social visits should be avoided during their hospital stay, to protect patients and staff.
  • In special circumstances or on compassionate grounds, two visitors are allowed at a time, with no limit on duration or frequency of visits.
  • If the patient’s length of stay is greater than 5 days (in the absence of special circumstances or on compassionate grounds) one designated person is allowed 2-3 routine visits per week.
  • All visitors must adhere to the Mater Private Netowrk infection prevention & control policies at all times.
  • Visitors should not interact socially with other visitors or patients, other than the person they are visiting.
  • Visits should generally take place outside of meal times and only occur in the bed space of the patient they are visiting.
Latest update July 28th 2021.

Infection Control & Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a hugely important factor in infection control to prevent and control the spread of infections. Please use the hand gels throughout the hospital before and after you come in contact with any patients.
If you have any infection, we would ask that you do not visit, particularly if you have flu, any vomiting or diarrhoea.
If you are ill (ie vomiting or diarrhoea) in any toilet in the hospital, please notify a member of staff so that the area can be disinfected, even if it appears clean, we still need to do this.
Toilets in patient rooms are for PATIENT USE ONLY. There are toilets throughout the hospital and on every ward.
Flowers and plants are no longer permitted in any part of the hospital.