Testing Centre

Mater Private has now opened a Testing Centre in order to facilitate a pre-procedure COVID-19 test. Please find below all the relevant information about the Testing Centre, the location and the screening and testing process.

Mater Private Testing Centre is located in Eccles Place at the back of the hospital (see map below); it is accessible on foot and there is also access for wheelchair users. Please note that it is not a drive-through test centre.

Please do not go to the main hospital entrance for testing, you cannot access the Testing Centre from this entrance.

All patients who are due to have a general anaesthetic or a bronchoscopy must have a COVID-19 test beforehand, in accordance with Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) guidelines. If you cannot make your appointment or decide not to be tested, your surgery or procedure will not go ahead.

Due to social distancing and the high volume of patients, we kindly ask patients to adhere to the allocated appointment time. Please do not arrive early or late for your appointment.

Due to social distancing requirements there is a limited waiting area in the Testing Centre.

If you are travelling by car, please note that there is no set down area outside the COVID-19 Testing Centre. If you wish to drive to the hospital, there is both multi-storey and on-street parking available nearby. Parking is in high demand, particularly during busy weekday periods. Therefore, please give yourself plenty of time to park and get to your destination.

COVID-19 Testing Process

The test involves a nurse placing a swab in the back of your throat and up one nostril to the back of the nose. This test may be uncomfortable, but does not take long. Your visit to the COVID-19 Testing Centre should only take 15 minutes. 

Patients who will need to be tested for COVID-19 will receive a phone call 14 days prior their surgery or procedure for screening. Questions for this screening follow the HPSC guidelines and include a Mater Private risk assessment. You can download this screening questionnaire here.

If you have any questions please call 01 248 1848 or email COVID-19TestCentre@materprivate.ie

Before attending the hospital for your appointment or procedure you should read the following information leaflets.