MRI Abdomen

MRI of the abdomen or pelvis is generally requested by specialists to further investigate abnormalities seen on another imaging modality such as ultrasound or CT. The Radiologist may recommend to you that an MRI study be requested after reviewing imaging of one of these examinations.

An MRI of the pelvis is typically performed to better assess potential abnormalities identified on a pelvic ultrasound. An MRI of the liver or bile ducts (MRCP) is usually performed to better assess abnormalities seen on other modalities, such as a non-specific liver lesion or bile duct dilation.

Sometimes an MRI of the liver will be carried out to confirm there are no potential metastatic lesions in a patient being considered for surgical resection of a malignancy.

An MRI of the pancreas, kidneys or adrenal glands is similarly usually obtained to assess abnormalities not fully characterised on other modalities.

There are several options available for booking a scan at the Mater Private:

Online: On each services page you will find a request an appointment button on the right hand side of your screen. This will automatically email our team with your request. A member of the team will then be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.
Email: An email can be sent to the team at
Phone: You can call us on  01 885 8172 / 01 885 8174
Fax:  You can fax a referral to 01 885 8693


How long does it take?

Once an examination has been booked an appointment letter will be posted to the patient, along with a patient information booklet. The content of this booklet can also be found on our website. In general, we normally accommodate MRI requests within two weeks of booking at the Mater Private.

There is no specific preparation for MRIs of the abdomen/pelvis. Most examinations last approximately 30 minutes but sometimes are longer. The patient will be able to leave immediately following the examination and will be given a disc containing the images from the scan.

For most examinations, a Consultant Radiologist will interpret the study and dictate the report the same day. The report will be posted to the referring physician that day or the next.

At the Mater Private Hospital, we have a number of direct settlement agreements in place with the various insurance companies:
  • MRI is fully covered by Aviva, GLO, GMA and ESB (majority of plans covered)
  • VHI cover with consultant referral only
A patient's level of cover will be discussed with them at the time of booking their appointment. Our insurance advisors will be happy to check a patient's level of cover at the Mater Private Hospital with their particular plan. 
Our insurance helpline is available on 01 885 8856.  
Alternatively you can email
In the event that your patient is not covered by his/her private health insurance, they will be advised on the cost of the scan at the time of booking.