Post COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic

Mater Private Network Post COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic offers specialised cardiac care to patients suffering long-term COVID-19 symptoms.

Mater Private Network has established a Post COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic in Dublin. This service is offered to patients with no prior/ known history of heart disease but who are concerned about, or wish to rule out, long-term damage post COVID-19.

The Post COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic is open to patients who are experiencing symptoms such as breathlessness, chest discomfort, heart racing and fatigue. These are common in patients following COVID-19 illness, even in those who had a relatively mild acute illness.

The service specialises in post COVID-19 cardiac testing and includes a full clinical assessment by the Cardiology Consulting team. Onward referral to other related specialties can be organised according to clinical need.
The clinic is led by Professor Robert Byrne and supported by the multi-disciplinary Mater Private cardiology team, who are leading Irish research into the link between COVID-19 and heart disease.
If you are affected by these symptoms, our specialist team is happy to organise same day cardiac testing at a location of your choice, to investigate and determine if specific treatment or advanced testing is necessary:
• Mater Private Hospital in Eccles Street, Dublin
How to book an appointment
You can book your appointment by emailing your referral to
A GP referral is required. Upon receipt of your referral, the Mater Private team will contact you to schedule an appointment at the location of your choice.
  • • Face-to-face appointment with Professor Robert Byrne for initial assessment. Virtual clinic or face-to-face appointment for follow-up/ review as needed.

    • Cardiac testing includes ECG, Echo and Holter Monitor. Cardiac MRI and CT is not included as standard but can be arranged if clinically indicated.

  • This clinic is available for both insured patients and on a self-pay basis. Fees are capped at €600 for initial consultation and standard cardiac testing. Advanced cardiac testing (MRI/ CT) is not included in this fee but can be arranged if necessary. Some charges may be covered by private health insurance, depending on the plan. Other costs outside of this will be eligible for tax relief of 20%.