Pricing & Insurance cover

In the event of admission to the Mater Private hospital directly from the Emergency Department, there is full cover for many insurance plans and procedures with our shortfall waiver programme.


Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Call us on 1800 222 999


In the event that you are not fully covered, or have no cover, we will discuss the cost and options with you. Any excess on your plan is payable to the hospital as per your policy rules and payment will be required on admission.

As insurance cover varies between different plans, please bring your insurance details with you and we will check the details for you. We are happy to advise you on your level of cover - call us directly on 1800 222 999.


  • Initial consultation/attendance fee €150
  • Additional charges are listed below
  • Total bill on the day will not exceed €660

There is no insurance cover for the initial consultation/attendance fee (€150), however if you have health insurance please let us know on arrival and we can advise you if any of your required tests are covered.

Additional charges such as xrays, scans, stitches, crutches, braces may be incurred. The most common of these are listed below. Your total bill on the day will not exceed €660, combining the attendance fee and any additional charges.

Foot Splint€90
Blood Tests/Labs€35 - €100
General x-ray€90
Spinal Brace€185
Knee Brace€150
Ultrasound – abdomen€170
CT (exc. Cardiac CT)€250

Please be advised, where a consultation with a specialist other than the Emergency Consultant is recommended and takes place whilst attending the Emergency Department, a separate Consultation Charge of €150 applies.This is not included in the €660 cap per bill.


Tax Relief

You can claim tax relief for any non-reimbursed charges relating to your visit on your Med 1 form.