Arrival and Treatment

At the Mater Private Emergency Department you immediately enter a system of expert urgent care, designed specifically to provide you with urgent assessment and treatment for your illness or injury. 

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Call us on 1800 22 29 99

Our dedicated expert team of Consultants, Nurses and support staff are focused on your needs from the moment you arrive.

On arrival, you will be registered and a member of the Emergency Department specialist nursing team will assess and establish your condition. You will then be examined by a Consultant in Emergency Medicine who will determine your treatment plan. Any investigations or treatment will be managed in the department as appropriate.

If you require a review or follow-up appointment, this will be discussed and if possible booked for you prior to leaving the Emergency Department. If it is established that you require admission to the hospital, either immediately or at a later date, your options will be discussed with you.

Following your visit, a discharge letter will be sent to your GP with any relevant test results and information.