Diabetes Centre

The Diabetes & Endocrine Centre at the Mater Private offers a comprehensive, full range of services to patients living with or newly diagnosed with Diabetes.

At the Diabetes & Endocrine Centre we offer treatment for all types of diabetes carried out by our team of expert specialists.

We aim to provide excellent professional care to ensure our patients have the necessary support to manage their condition successfully. 

Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have been living with your condition for some time, we provide the expertise and support you will need to manage your condition.

Treatment Options and Services

  • Our specialist team at the Diabetes & Endocrine Centre provides tailored care to patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes as well as those with Endocrine Disorders.

    The Diabetes & Endocrine Centre offers comprehensive treatment options and services including:

    • Consultant Endocrinologist Consultations
    • Podiatrist  Consultations
    • Diabetes Dietitian Consultations
    • Diabetes Nurse Consultations


Tailored Care Programmes

In addition to standard specialist consultation, Diabetes & Endocrine Centre offers Tailored Diabetes Care Programmes.

These packages have been developed to meet the specific needs of different patient groups.

Tailored Diabetes Care Programmes include up to 40% discount on the standard visits.



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