Patient Programmes

The key focus of the centre is to support patients who are living with a cancer diagnosis both physically and emotionally through their treatment journey.

Psychotherapy Service

This service is designed to provide the patient with support and counselling around emotional issues that emerge as a result of being diagnosed with cancer. The service is available to all patients currently receiving Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in the Mater Private Hospital, and is provided by Psychotherapists who have worked in ARC Cancer Support Centre for a number of years.

Survivorship Programme

The Survivorship Programme in the Mater Private Hospital was developed to facilitate the transition of cancer patients back to normal life, post cancer.

The growing area of cancer survivorship has emphasised the need for healthcare providers to focus on the quality of life of cancer survivors, and the need for aftercare service provision. Research clearly demonstrates that many cancer survivors have a range of needs which require a multi-disciplinary approach to improving their quality of life and their ability to cope with life after cancer.

The aim of the Survivorship Programme is to support the participants in developing coping strategies for managing the situation and empowering them to adapt to a changed life situation. The programme covers such topics as the human body, diet and nutrition, change and active adjustment to change, relaxation and body awareness, the role of family and/or significant other, and support and resources.