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Young Adult Hip Pain

With adolescents and young adults playing sport at a higher level, increasing demands are being placed on their joints, in particular their hips. It is increasingly recognised that those with certain hip conditions predisposing to arthritis, are at greater risk of developing hip pain.

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  • Patients typically complain of deep seated pain in the hip or groin.

    This pain can be exacerbated when:

    • Squating
    • Kicking
    • Rising from a seated position

    It can also be associated with a locking or catching sensation.

  • Initial treatment should be symptomatic to include:

    • Rest
    • Activity Modification
    • Analgesia
    • Physiotherapy ( to work on hip girdle and core stability)

    If pain fails to settle, plain film imaging of the hip may be used in order to give further clues as to the root cause of the pain.

  • If initial treatment does not help to ease the pain, surgical options may be the next step in trying to ease pain.

    If surgery is being considered, cross sectional imaging will be carried out in advance in order to examine the area further and confirm the diagnosis. The management of surgical options will depend on the underlying causes of the pain confirmed within the imaging reports.

    Some of the options that could be considered at this stage are:

    The aim of treatment is to treat the pain and the outcome is ultimately determined by the degree of cartilage injury present at the time of surgery.

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