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Young Adult Diabetes Programme

Support for younger adults who are starting to take control of their diabetes.

There are many things you can worry about when your child is leaving.

At the Mater Private Diabetes and Endocrine Centre you can be assured your son or daughter will be cared for and supported by an expert team of health care professionals.  

Our Young Adult programme supports the transitioning from the home / paediatric setting to a more independent lifestyle

The Young Adult Taking Control

Our Young Adult Programme is specifically designed to support young people in the transition to independently managing their own diabetes care.

This programme features ongoing support and backup of our experienced team.

Whether you are starting college, away from home or simply looking to take more control your condition as you step into the adult life – we are here to help you along this journey! 

What are the key benefits of this programme?

Our multidisciplinary team ensures holistic approach to helping young adults to understand all aspects of managing diabetes successfully – from medication to diet and lifestyle. 
Our Centre is conveniently located near major student campuses, with easy access to public transport
Our team is available 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday and provides ongoing support by phone and email
We will work in partnership with your GP to ensure continuity of care

What's included in the Programme?

  • Consultant Endocrinologist – consultation, assessment, management and treatment plan
  • Diabetes Nurse Specialist – personalised education and support to achieve good diabetes control and management
  • Diabetes Dietitian – relevant information and support on all aspects of diabetes and diet.
  • One Follow-up review with the Diabetes Nurse or Dietitian as required
  • Ongoing support by phone and email as often as necessary.