Triple Assessment Clinic (TAC)

Triple Assessment offers patients with urgent breast symptoms rapid access to comprehensive assessment and review in a single visit

Our dedicated Triple Assessment Clinic is held every week at the Mater Private Specialist Breast Centre for patients with urgent breast symptoms. Once referred by a GP, your referral will be triaged and urgent patients are offered an appointment within 5 working days for

  • clinical assessment
  • radiological examination
  • tissue sampling

We pride ourselves in operating as a centre of excellence for Symptomatic Breast Disease, in compliance with and exceeding the standards set out for Symptomatic Breast Disease by HIQA.

Our Team

All Care is Consultant delivered and led and co-ordinated under one roof by our multi-disciplinary team.

The team includes:

  • Consultant Breast Surgeons
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologists
  • Specialist Breast Care Nurses

All of our consultants and radiologists are affiliated with the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme.

Tests and Procedures

A combination of the following tests will be carried out, with samples analysed at our laboratory. Results will then be assessed and reported on during consultation with your consultant breast surgeon:

Mammogram - is a low dose x-ray used to take pictures of the breast. Each breast is x-rayed from the side and from the top by a professionally trained Radiographer. Screening mammograms are performed on a routine basis on women to detect breast cancer at an early stage, before it can be felt by a woman or her doctor.

Breast Ultrasound - is used when something suspicious has been detected during a mammogram or self-examination. Sound waves are used to create images of the inside of your breast on a monitor. Ultrasound imaging is helpful for determining the precise location of a breast lump and whether the lump is solid or filled with fluid.

Fine Needle Aspiration - is where a fine needle is inserted into the breast lump and the surgeon attempts to withdraw fluid. If fluid is removed and the lump disappears, no further testing or treatment will be required. If fluid appears but the lump does not go away, or if no fluid can be removed, further tests and treatment will be required.

Breast Biopsy - is where a small amount of tissue is removed from a breast lump, if it is found during your ultrasound that the lump is solid. This will then be tested in a laboratory and the results discussed with you.

Insurance & Pricing

We are happy to discuss prices and insurance cover prior to referral/appointment. Call us on 01 885 8294 to speak to a member of our team.

Access to Triple Assessment Clinic within 5 days of referral.

Assessment to surgery within 17 days.

Over 600 patients attended Triple Assessment Clinic in 2014.