Sligo Clinic

The Mater Private Clinic Sligo was established in partnership with Kingsbridge Hospital Sligo to provide access to routine consultation, testing and follow-up appointments to patients in the region

About the Clinic

Consultants from the Mater Private Hospital offer regular consultation clinics and routine cardiology testing at Kingsbridge Hospital Sligo, specifically offering services in the areas of Cardiology supported by the team at Kingsbridge Hospital.

A Cardiology Clinic was opened during the summer of 2013, offering consultation, testing and treatment. The clinic is attended by a Consultant Cardiologists from the Mater Private Heart & Vascular Centre, offering appointments to routine new and review patients, saving the need to travel to Dublin for routine consultation or indeed follow-up appointments.

Kingsbridge Hospital is a 19-bed, private hospital based in Garden Hill, Sligo which offers a wide range of surgical and diagnostic services.


Cardiology and Arrhythmia Clinics with  Routine Diagnostic & Non-Invasive Cardiology Testing.


Appointments can be booked directly with the Consultant or for testing following a referral from your GP.


The clinic also offers diagnostic routine and non-invasive cardiology testing for GP referrals including:

  • Echocardiogram
  • Stress
  • 24hr Holter Monitor
  • 48hr Holter Monitor
  • BP Monitor
  • ECG

Where further investigation or treatment is required, this will be carried out at a scheduled time in the Mater Private Hospital on Eccles St, or another facility as deemed appropriate by you and your Consultant.

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