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Terms & Conditions

The T&C's applied to this service ensure that each referal is dealt with in the most appropriate way. Our Access to Care administration team will carefully take you through any of the T&C's relevant to your referral.

  • Calls/e-mails before midday will be offered a same day consultant appointment.
  • Calls/e-mails after mid-day will be offered an appointment for the next day.
  • Access is by GP referral only - a GP referral form or letter is required before we can offer an appointment.
  • Referrals addressed to a specific, named Consultant will be directed accordingly and do not form part of this service.
  • Appointments for Dermatology, Neurology, Pain, Rheumatology and Ophthalmology are currently not available through this service.
  • Paediatric ENT referrals can be accepted. 
  • The Mater Private does not provide Fertility/ART services.  Specific tests may be available through Gynaecology referrals.
  • Other exclusions may apply depending on referral details - the administration team will advise the patient and ensure that the referral is directed accordingly.
  • Same day/next day appointments will be offered in one of our hospital locations - Dublin and Cork.
  • If the referral is more immediate or urgent, alternative care options may be suggested including visiting our Emergency Department, Urgent Cardiac Care Centre or Triple Assessment Breast Centre.
  • Referrals with a complex or chronic medical condition may need to be triaged by a Consultant in advance of attending for an appointment.  This may result in the appointment being scheduled at a later date.
  • If any tests (eg MRI, Xray, bloods) are recommended in advance of a consultation, this may impact on the timing.
  • On triage of the referral letter, if a specialist opinion is deemed appropriate, the option to be referred to a specific named Consultant who specialises in this area will be offered – this may result in the appointment being scheduled at a later date.
  • Same day/next day appointments may not be possible for referrals which require highly specialised care.
  • Same day/next day appointments may not be possible for routine physical/annual wellness check-up as fasting and other requirements are in place.
  • Prices quoted will be for initial consultation only and may vary depending on the speciality/Consultant.