Pathology Laboratory

Pathology is the study of disease, its causes and progression.

Our laboratory performs a number of tests which provides health care professionals with the information they need to determine how to manage patients' conditions, manage medication or monitor the progression of a condition.

The Pathology Laboratory at the Mater Private is a multi-disciplinary laboratory that includes:

·                   Clinical Biochemistry/Endocrinology

·                   Haematology/Coagulation

·                   Blood Transfusion

·                   Histopathology

·                   Immunology

·                   Microbiology

·                   Virology


To view our current accreditation (Ref 191MT), please visit the INAB website.


Pathology Services are available to patients by attending our Phlebotomy/Blood Testing Department in Suite 2, on the ground floor of the hospital or by attending a GP who can take a sample and send it directly to our laboratory.

Laboratory User Handbook