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Corneal Cross Linking

Corneal cross-linking strengthens the collagen crosslinks which are the natural “anchors” within the cornea. They support the shape and strength of the cornea to keep it strong and maintain its normal shape, helping the eye to focus better and improve vision.

What is Corneal Cross Linking?

Corneal cross-linking is used to treat keratoconus. The eye normally has a round shape but with keratoconus the cornea bulges forward. This causes the shape of the eye to change into a cone-like shape. The cornea becomes thin and weak, causing poor vision.

This procedure is not a cure for keratoconus but the aim is to arrest progression of keratoconus, and thereby prevent further deterioration in vision.

The cornea consists of millions of collagen fibres in close contact with each other. Cross linking is a medical procedure that combines the use of ultra-violet light and riboflavin eye drops, which strengthen the bonds between these fibres and thus make the cornea stronger, preventing further bulging forward of the cornea.

At the Mater Private Eye Laser Centre, we use the Avedro KXL accelerated cross-linking system which incorporates the above technique into a quicker and more comfortable procedure for the patient.

The Procedure

Crosslinks between collagen fibres of the cornea keep it strong and maintain its normal shape. As part of the cross-linking procedure, additional supporting links, 'cross-links', are added to support the weakened cornea.

The supporting cross-links are used to help the cornea hold shape and to make it more stable so that the eye is better able to focus. The new cross-links help strengthen the cornea which stops the thinning process and further loss of vision.