EU Cross Border Directive

Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery

Don’t put your life on hold waiting your turn on the NHS list. Access expert Orthopaedic care now in Dublin at the Mater Private Hospital through the EU Cross Border Directive. Other specialties are also available upon request.


If you live in the United Kingdom and are currently on a waiting list for orthopaedic or spine surgery through an NHS Healthcare Trust or HSC Board then you may be eligible for the Cross Border Directive.  The Cross Border Directive allows a patient to travel to another EU country and receive care in that country, which is paid for initially by the patient and refunded by the NHS.


The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin (easily accessible from M1 and Connolly Station) has expert consultant surgeons who can provide the orthopaedic and spine care that you need. Mater Private’s Cross Border Initiative offering is designed with your needs in mind:
  • Initial surgical consultation will not have any cost
  • Fixed price guaranteed and pre-approved by the NHS
  • Expert consultant surgeons with extensive training in prestigious international training centres
  • The highest quality medical back up including full cardiology and intensive care back up - making it one of the safest hospitals for patients undergoing major operations.

Consultation appointments for Orthopaedics are now available in our Drogheda Outreach Clinic.

"Staff at the Mater Private were so supportive and engaging that I felt completely informed and reassured about my treatment options. Once I decided to go ahead with the operation, I was quickly seen to without fuss or delay. The post-op care and attention I received also greatly helped with the speed of my recovery to which I am grateful."

- George Colclough from Belfast