Health Check Centre

Looking after your health is your priority. We aim to support you in managing your health, your way.

Health Check at the Mater Private Hospital Cork is run by a team of specialist physicians and healthcare professionals. We are located in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art healthcare facility and have the back-up of the clinical team here at the Mater Private Hospital Cork. Cognate Health carry out this screening on behalf of the Mater Private Cork.   For general enquires please contact Cognate Health on 1890 989 322.
We seek to help you understand your current health profile, identifying any risk factors or signs and symptoms of common conditions, which if not detected early, could at a later stage result in serious health issues.

We combine a tradition of premium healthcare with a state-of-the-art online approach, offering you complete control of scheduling, as well as secure online access to your results.

Our aim is to enable you to have full control over your health, your way.

  • The provision of one medical check up per annum at the expense of an employer will not be regarded as a taxable benefit.

    The provision of medical check-ups which employees are required to undergo by their employer will not be regarded as taxable benefits.

    Further details of this policy can be found on the website.

Our Programme

Our Programme is tailored to your needs and requirements. We also offer additional tests appropriate to your family history and areas of concern or interest to you.

  • We will assess established risk factors to identify any future health risks
  • We will provide you with practical medical advice and a lifestyle action plan
  • We put you in control of your health
  • This medical is a great head to toe medical for everyone.  It includes personal stress and lifestyle questionnaire, discussion and advice about stress management and detailed lifestyle advice.

    *Note* All samples bottles will be provided on the morning of your appointment


    Understanding Your Health

    • Questionnaire: review of your current health and past medical history
    • Physical Examination: full physical examination and consultation with your Health Check doctor


    • Body Composition Measures: Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat
    • Blood Pressure
    • Urinalysis
    • Bowel Cancer Screen (FIT Test)

    Blood Tests

    • Fasting Lipid Profile
    • Fasting Glucose / HbA1c
    • Liver Function Test
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Full Blood Count
    • Calcium
    • Thyroid Function
    • Iron Status Profile
    • Haemochromatosis (Serum Ferritin)

    Heart & Lung Checks

    • Resting ECG
    • Lung Function Testing

    Sensory Tests

    • Vision Screening (Please ensure to bring glasses for both near and far vision)
    • Hearing Check

    Lifestyle Analysis

    • Personal Stress Questionnaire
    • Lifestyle and Dietary Advice



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    Additional Tests (will incur additional costs as outlined below)

    • Exercise Stress ECG (Please ensure to have the appropriate clothing, as you will be required to exercise on a treadmill for up to 10 minutes) (€150)
    • Prostate Cancer Screen (PSA) (€30)
    • Vitamin D Blood Test (€50)


    Additional tests offered following consultation with Health Check Physician (additional tests not included in chosen programme price)

    • Cardiology Review
    • Dietician Review
    • Dexa Scan
    • Mole Mapping
    • Consultant Gastroenterologist Review / Endoscopy
    • Cardiac Calcification Scoring (CCS)


  • Once you decide on your programme of choice, you have complete control of scheduling online.

    • Book your appointment online
    • Complete a personal health questionnaire
    • Attend for your appointment
  • Following your Health Check, your test results will be reviewed and reported on. You will have secure access to your results online.

    • Personalised results
    • Risk Identification and Scoring
    • Health Advice and Management
  • Taking care of your team and facilitating early detection of health related problems encourages everyone to be proactive in taking care of their health. Corporate Health Check programmes can be tailored to suit your organisational needs.

    • Executive Health Screening for Senior Management
    • Staff Health Screening Programmes (eg. breast, prostate, diabetes, cholesterol)
    • Pre-employment Medicals
    • Insurance Medicals
    • Customised Health Screening