A Gastroscopy is a test which allows the Doctor to look at the lining of the oesophagus (gullet), the stomach and the first part of your intestine.

A Gastroscopy is performed using a thin flexible tube (gastroscope) which has a camera and a light on the tip, used to look at the area being examined. The stomach needs to be empty for this procedure so you will be fasting for 8 hours prior to the test.

The test itself is quite short, lasting approximately 5-10 minutes. However you can expect to be in the department for a couple of hours, depending on whether or not you have sedation.

The test is not painful but can feel a little uncomfortable.

The Procedure

  • A throat spray is given to numb your throat
  • You will lie on your left side
  • A plastic mouth piece will be placed between your teeth, to help keep your mouth slightly open
  • The gastroscope is passed through this mouth piece, into your mouth and gently moved down the oesophagus. .
  • The gastroscope does not interfere with your breathing and you can breathe normally
  • During the test air will be passed into your stomach to inflate the area to enable a better view for the examination
  • If necessary the doctor may take a small piece of tissue for biopsy
  • A nurse will stay with you throughout the procedure

For more information click here for the Gastroscopy patient information leaflet

Insurance & Pricing

For the majority of patients endoscopy procedures are carried out as a day-case procedure. The vast majority of insurance plans offer 100% cover for day-case procedures at the Mater Private. Patients with no insurance cover also have access to the Mater Private and will be given a procedure cost estimate in advance of treatment.

At the Mater Private we are happy to help patients understand what, if any cost, they may incur for any procedure. To do this there a few simple steps

  1. Check the name of your plan
  2. Check your plan number
  3. Confirm the procedure name with your Consultant
  4. Call us on 021 601 3267 with the above details