Why choose us?

A highly skilled, fully trained and dedicated workforce is essential to the success of the Mater Private.

Our training and development team work across the hospital to ensure all of our staff are fully trained, both creating in-house courses and providing support for those requiring external specialist training. We want to work with you to provide training and development opportunities to further your professional growth. Below are some of the examples of where we work with staff to encourage their professional development:

Communications Skills Programme

This programme, designed to help you evaluate and enhance your own communication and interpersonal skills looks at active listening, overcoming communication barriers and ways in which communication can help you manage challenging behaviours. You will learn about our Core Values and their impact on the patient experience. 

Supporting Nursing Professionals

The hospital will provide financial support for nurses undertaking relevant courses across all specialties(subject to prior approval and business requirements), and encourage attendance at relevant conferences / seminars. Study leave is in line with HSE guidelines.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals

The hospital offers financial assistance for career and professional development to support a wide variety of organisational priorities as well as personal development.

Development & Management Programme

As an employee of the Mater Private you will have access to our in-house management development programme. Working with the Irish Management Institute we have developed a 12 month programme covering topics such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Leadership, Change Management, Six Sigma/Quality. Through a combination of blended learning and hospital project work we have created a framework for staff to realize their full potential.

Staff Experience

A survey sent out to all staff regarding their experience working at the hospital was carried out in November 2014 as part of our “Culture of Safety” week.

Of those staff who completed the survey, 50.63% have been working at the hospital for less than a year. As we expand our services within the hospital, we are constantly seeking more members to join our team and help us to achieve our goal of providing quality acute services to the people of Cork and the greater Munster area.

The results revealed many positive reasons for working as part of the team here at the Mater Private Hospital:

  • 93.6% strongly agreed or agreed that the Hospital management team provides a work climate that promotes patient safety
  • 93.3% strongly agreed or agreed that people support one another in individual units within the hospital
  • 94.3% strongly agreed or agreed that people in their unit treat each other with respect
  • 87.3% strongly agreed or agreed that their manager/supervisor seriously considers staff suggestions for improving patient safety