Sligo Clinic

The Mater Private Sligo Clinic was established in partnership with St. Joseph’s Hospital Sligo to provide access to routine consultation, testing and follow-up appointments to patients in the region

About the Clinic

Consultants from the Mater Private Hospital offer regular consultation clinics and routine testing at St. Joseph’s Hospital Sligo, specifically offering services in the areas of Cardiology & Urology, supported by the team at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

As part of St. Joseph’s Hospitals’ Urodynamic Service, Mr. Nicholas Hegarty Consultant Urologist from the Mater Private performs urological procedures and consultations.

A Cardiology Clinic was opened during the summer of 2013, offering consultation, testing and treatment. The clinic is attended by a Consultant Cardiologist from the Mater Private Heart & Vascular Centre.

St. Joseph’s Hospital is a 19-bed, private hospital based in Garden Hill, Sligo which offers a wide range of surgical and diagnostic services.



Dr. Ivan Casserly, Consultant Cardiologist, Mater Private Heart & Vascular Centre holds regular clinics at St. Joseph’s Hospital Sligo and is the lead consultant in providing this service. Dr. Casserly is an internationally trained Consultant Cardiologist with a permanent post at the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin. Dr. Casserly attends St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment and consultations with new, review and follow-up patients.

Routine Diagnostic & Non-Invasive Cardiology Testing

  • Echocardiogram €273 (fees may be partially covered by insurance)
  • Carotid Ultrasound €218 (fees may be partially covered by insurance)
  • Stress €210
  • 24hr Holter Monitor €165
  • 48hr Holter Monitor €220
  • BP Monitor €165
  • ECG €58

Where multiple tests are required a maximum combined charge of €400 is in place (multiple tests with/without consultation)


Services are provided at St Joseph’s Hospital by Mr. Nicholas Hegarty, Consultant Urologist Mater Private. Mr Hegarty is an internationally trained urologist having trained in Ireland he graduated in University College Cork. He completed the Western Pre-fellowship Training Scheme in Surgery, working in Sligo General Hospital and University College Hospital Galway. Following his training he spent 2 fellowship years in the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. He was appointed Consultant Urologist in Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospitals, London in 2006 and returned to Ireland in 2011 to take up a Consultant Urologist post in the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin.

Services available in St. Jospeh’s include comprehensive outpatient evaluation of key urological symptoms and conditions

  • haematuria
  • renal colic
  • stone disease
  • inguinoscrotal pain and swellings
  • erectile dysfunction
  • UTI
  • urinary incontinence
  • overactive bladder
  • BPH
  • elevated PSA
  • suspected prostate cancer.

Treatments include

  • flexible & rigid cystoscopy
  • urethral stricture dilatation
  • ureteric stent insertion and removal
  • circumcision
  • intracavernosal injections
  • inguinal and scrotal surgery.

More complex treatments and in-patient surgeries are performed in Dublin and all cancers diagnosed will be referred for discussion at MDT(multidisciplinary) meetings.